Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update to 'Joanne's Stampin Up! Workshop'

The scrapbook page I made at Joanne's worksh
op has finally been finished! I used it to show photos from the folks in Oz of their Christmas celebrations.

The first photo shows the page as it appears in the album (btw, Jacque was the demo for this workshop and I think she CASED this layout from another site - thought I'd best give cred here!), the second photo shows the page with the hidden journaling tag removed and the third photo shows the reverse side of the tag.

Bit of a story there... as the photo mats were done in the workshop I had to crop the photos to fit the mats, rather than the other way around!

Because the photo of the folks enjoying Christmas dinner wouldn't fit on the mat, I decided to cut the table in half but then felt guilty about leaving the others off so managed to fit them on the reverse side of the tag.

Here's a closeup of the diners, reunited again!!

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jacque said...

That looks awesome, Ria!! Can't wait to see what else you create!