Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sneaky Peak!

As promised, here is a sneaky peak of the door prize I've made for this weekend's event. Not the best picture I know, but that's what happens when you do photography at night (grrr!). Some lucky person will go home with this stationary kit on Sunday at the Tauranga Christmas Extravaganza - woohoo!! It has compartments inside that hold stamps, envelopes and greeting cards, as well as space for a notepad and calendar.

I got the template for this from the very talented Michelle Habib, who sells full instructions for making it on her website. I'm planning on making a few of these for Christmas presents, especially for some of my older relations. And if you're lucky I might just share the inside with you all sometime!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Ria, that is an awesome set!! Looks truly amazing, well done. Some lucky person who will be winning that. :-)